Fzami Diamonds

At FZAMI Diamonds, we marry the brilliance of lab-grown diamonds with the timeless allure of 18-carat gold


If you are planning a business vacation, a family trip, a holiday with friends and family, or a bag packer trip to HYDERABAD

Foxbridge Golf

It is Course is located on the edge of Uxbridge only an hour NE from downtown Toronto. It features rolling terrain, sandy soil, tight

Online Travel Agency

Founded by Nadeem Qureshi in 2003, Destina Holidays embarked on its remarkable journey in the heart of Toronto, ON. Demonstrating a commitment to excellence

Happy Scholars School

The Happy Scholar School is situated in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, with an academic quad.

Import & Export

Outsourcing is an allocation of import and export business processes to a specialist external service provider, by Fzami Global Services

Software & Development

With highly skilled and experienced software professionals, Fzami Global Services is the ideal solution for both new development and ongoing software maintenance

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